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What is a Blog?

There are so many people who want to be a Blogger but they don’t know answer of some questions like what is a Blog? Why do people spent their precious time in this?

Don’t you worry you are in right place to know answers of these questions and more questions arising in your mind. These are all demanding question we need to answer one by one.

Now a days you may have heard from friends and family members about what is a blog? The answer is simple, in a daily life we write interesting stories, events and poetry in a notebook called a daily diary. We want to share it with near and dears. They leave comments, feedback and suggestion after reading a content from our daily dairy.

So its nothing but just like your online diary where you share content with your people. This online diary will be reaching to different people on internet so we can say your circle of nears and dears now expanded around the globe. On this beginning stage you can also call it a website because it’s the same.

What can I write in this online diary?

You can write some interesting things here to attract your global audience. People want to see interesting stuff in your online diary now. Don’t share things just to attract readers once on your blog, try to write and share activities, events and other things which have value for long time and write about what your audience want to hear from you.

So billions of people on internet want to know how interesting you can write for them.

How can i create a blog?

To create a website you need personal computer and internet connection. The entire process of getting your blog setup will take about 30 minutes.

Luckily now a days, creating a blog or website is very easier than ever, it dosen’t need to have lots of coding skills in HTML, CSS, PHP and other script expertise.

Today creating website is similar to creating a document. BUT having programming skills can help you to make it better. There are many hosting services that you can choose for blogging. We recommend WordPress although there are other good options too.

What is advantage of blog?

You can create a blog for free and indeed can earn handsome amount too. I am seriously telling you this is the best way to earn money online.

Obviously the question will arise in your mind that HOW this is possible?

When you create a blog and put some interesting content on it, the number of readers from different sources like search engines and social media starts visiting on it.

When number of visitors (traffic) start increasing on your site, advertisers try to get attention of this traffic and place advertisements on your site.

For hosting their advertises, your website gets paid, thousands of bloggers earning in $’s. You can read other relevant articles in which step by step details are given from scratch.


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