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Websites cache server improves SEO
Cache server a vital factor to improve SEO

Cache Server a Vital Factor to Improve SEO

Search Engine Optimization is considered to be backbone of a website. There are several myths and realities behind SEO. Today I want to discuss one of important things we want to share with our readers which effects SEO in real.

Website response time very important for engaging more viewers. It’s directly dependent on delivery of content from server in time. We discussed in our article (How to Minimize Website Load Time) about factors effect speed of website. Here we considered cache server to be discussed in detail to let our readers know all about it.

#1. What is Cache Server?

Cache server is a service which saves media files, webpages and other internet content locally. It speeds up access to data and reduces requests to original internet server.

Internet users more likely to access and download similar content again and again. When first time request is placed or ordered for data, to load from original server to computer it takes comparatively more time .

If no cache server is used then same time will be spend when user send request for media files, webpages, documents spreadsheets and other static content.  To minimize this time server cache helps user by providing data locally.

Website cache server
Cache server a vital factor to improve SEO

#2. Cache Server Improves Response Time

Now a days around 40% of users want to load page in less than 2 seconds but around 40% websites take more than 3 seconds to load which result in bounce rate.

As it is discussed that this all is for improving response time, so let’s go into detailed picture.

For computer students it would be easy to understand the role of Random Access Memory (RAM) in a system unit. It make frequently used data available for processor to save time. In the absence of RAM processor has to consult with hard drive which would be time taking.

Another example from computer is a cache memory in CPU. It is integrated with CPU so that CPU access frequently used data from cache rather than consulting with RAM again and again. It has big role in improving performance of processor.

When user sends request to original server it took time to response while cache server mounted between user and internet server, so availability of data from here saves response time.

It also handles request for frequently accessed and popular data. It puts popular content near or closer to user to improve response time. And request not send to original source or server, this is also known as content caching.

#3. How cache server works

  1. When user clicks on a link of web page containing static content (Images, documents, videos etc.)
  2. The user’s browser then send requests to content delivery networks (CDN) , then it sends request to nearest server to respond.
  3. If requested file is available on cache server then it will be delivered to the user. In this case content will deliver extremely fast because it is physically available closer to the user.
  4. If requested content is not available on cache server, CDN will send request to the internet server. The content will transfer to cache server for future use, then it will deliver to user.

#4. Cache Effects Bandwidth

More requests and responses results in requirement of more bandwidth. By using either hardware or software cache server the bandwidth requirement decrease.

#5. Recommended Plugins for WordPress Websites

As a result of above discussion it is proved that improvement in site load time is vital for improvement in traffic and SEO ranking. The good news is that it’s very easy for WordPress websites to improve now.

Cache plugin for WordPress websites are very useful, I am using two plugins WP Super Cache and WP Fastest Cache which immensely improved response time of my websites.

It result in improve number of visitors and less bounce rate. So cache plugins that improve page load time improve SEO.

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