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Mistakes successful bloggers do NOT do

We are writing this article for blogger who want to become successful bloggers. We have stretched list of successful blogger on internet and they have different heart breaking success stories. Above all what is special about these successful people? There may be different factors behind their success but we will discuss about blogging mistakes they don’t do while blogging.

Blogging Mistakes You should not do.!

There is a stretched list of mistakes which common bloggers do unintentionally. But experts and successful bloggers not recommend for newbies. Lets discuss one by one in detail.

#1. Without KNOWLEDGE do not start blogging

Successful bloggers knowledge is superb..! Before starting a blog spend time to read blogging relevant articles which indeed will help you to become successful pro blogger.

Most of bloggers disappointed by blogging because they once jumped in blogging without building a foundation. Yes you heard right..! You need to make strong foundation then start building step by step.

#2. Don’t choose a topic you are NOT INTERESTED in

Content, content and content. Content is king.

Write about what you can. Starting blog on a topic in which you are not really interested and just started because you intend to earn money is not a good idea. Your content will be more powerful when you write on topic of your field.

The purpose should be creating a long term relationship and conversation with your readers and having fun. This is only possible if you are writing about you are interested in.

Taking laptop on your lap and start typing about a random topic absolutely not lead you to success where you are crazily want to go. Before doing this mistake take some time and think about your interests and your conformability with a topic. Here interest means you should be soulfully motivated to write on a topic.

This means the quality of your content is dependent on your interest and motivation about the matter.  So be logical while choosing topic


#3. Don’t choose VAGUE domain name

Domain name sometime reflects what blog is about. You have to be a tricky while choosing domain name for your blog.

If you are a newbie we suggest you should choose a meaningful name for domain it will help readers when your site appear in search engine.

It has been recommended by some successful bloggers that your domain should contain such keywords which give meaning of blog to reader. Meaningful words in domain name help in SEO and ranking website in search engine and indeed it seems pretty good. So if you are new to blogging this is also recommended for you.

BUT if you are expert in SEO and good content writer then domain name dose not matters. There are so many websites and blogs, by having a look on domain name we don’t perceive any meaning. It means these websites owned by people who really care about SEO tips and don’t do mistakes. We have stretched list of such websites which are brands now a days. Let’s have a look on few popular

These names have no meaning but they are popular companies now a days. They are having good team of experts so doesn’t matters whatever name is.

For small team and individual bloggers it’s good to choose meaningful name because it will help in catching traffic.

#4. Don’t start with a FREE webhost

Starting a blog for free sounds good but nobody gonna give you anything free in this life. Don’t be fool if a company does things like that, company actually earn some money and restrict you to use some limited facilities which would be not enough for what you want to be.

Creating a blog like ( or not sounds attractive, it spoils the first impression of a visitor.

Free blog actually not owned by you and it can be disappear or loss of data can happen anytime.

Free blogging is wastage of time because when your blog starts successful then eventually you decide to move it to your personal domain.

If you have stunning idea with maximum chances of success then before starting just go to purchase you own domain .

If you have created a blog then immediately purchase a domain from a good host and move your data where you have 100% control. 

#5. Don’t buy a BAD host

While starting a blog starters don’t usually spent some time in researching for good host and ultimately we choose a bad host.

The reason may be the cheapest rates, but it results in website crashes due to large influxes of traffic.

Before choosing a host do some research and study about top ten best hosting companies and then choose the best of your need. There are many websites who provide info graphics of web host comparison. It will really help you if you do some research for the best company providing best services.

#6. Don’t spend precious time in SECONDARY things

Newbies usually spend lot of time on writing about, contact information and mission statement etc.

In a starting it is not a good time to focus on telling people about yourself. The truth is that people don’t even want to know who you are until you have success story. So first make able yourself that people start take interest about who you are.

There are only few people who inspired me and I took interest in their success story and about them. Abdul Wali an owner of is one of those people who have motivational success story and hundreds of people are interested to know about him. So in short let me tell you that don’t spent more time on designing colorful profile until your blog moves toward success. It’s better to spend every minute to enrich you knowledge.

The primary thing which guarantees success of blog is content, because content really talks what you want to say.

#7. Don’t forget to use SOCIAL MEDIA to catch a reader

You may have a quality content and used multiple techniques, BUT don’t forget to use different social networking platforms to attract readers, if your content is appealing then it will obviously catch readers from social media. So don’t ignore a single reader because drops of water finally made an ocean.

Social media really helps to catch readers first time and push in initial traffic so create accounts on top ten social media platforms and just go for promotion.

If blog content is of great quality then readers became addicted to keep visit which is good sign of your success.

#8. Don’t apply for Advertise until get targeted VISITORS

Doing things before ready to do sounds pretty but in this case it’s not…!

This is another blogging mistake which common bloggers do. Earning money from a blog is a time which comes much far from starting. You have to wait until your blog makes you able to do so. Taking interest in advertisements before time will result in no gain.

So do not apply for Google AdSense, BuySellAds

or other advertisers until you get targeted visitors. Set a target of daily 1000 visitors to blog apply all legal techniques to achieve this target.

Applying with a little traffic may result in rejection by advertiser. This may disappoint you and common bloggers can’t bear rejection and quit. So here play the game where victory is confirmed…;)

#9. Don’t forget to invest in YOURSELF

“Knowledge is power”. If you want to invest in business in real sense then invest in yourself.

Modern technologies and techniques of every field keep changing day by day, don’t forget to be updated.

To create a quality content and present in better way to readers, you need to learn books, watch videos and require some softwares as well. Some data may be freely available and for rest you may need to pay.

Famous bloggers and experts do invest to learn more and learning doesn’t stops because sky is limit, so don’t forget to invest in yourself…!

#10. Don’t lose PATIENCE

You may go through different articles on internet in which writers try to project that blogging is very easy or you can become a millionaire over nights.

If you want to hear truth then let me tell you there is no such possibility its only dream selling. I have started blogging some years back and i quit because i did a mistake of expecting immediate return.

Once you started blogging it needs patience and smart work. Assume your success is after two years of starting a blog, don’t expect immediate success because there is no any shortcut.

I kept myself engaged with this blog from last four months and many times i felt like i should stop but i have already decided to continue.

I suggest my readers to set a target to achieve after at least two years, be a long learner and enjoy blogging. Because successful bloggers not do this mistake..:)

#11. Don’t divert FOCUS because its guarantee to success

Focus on what you are doing. While searching for article you may see different online jobs, no doubt there are thousands of jobs on internet.

Your mind may force you to go for every new job BUT don’t divert your mind if you once decided to become a successful blogger.

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