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Create links between pages
Create inks between pages to improve ranking

Create links Between Pages to Improve Ranking

Links on a page or a post are very important from the aspect of SEO. There are two main types of links, external and internal. External links connect your website or blog with other websites while internally created links establish connection between topics on page and between pages of a blog.

As I expressed in a start that links are vital for SEO, but it’s not the only advantage. it also leads readers from other websites and also convince to stay on your blog for a longtime. Building external links may need some efforts but creating internal links is so simple.

In this article I want to discuss some of the advantages of internal links which give benefit to blogger without giving more efforts. Let’s discuss how internal links are beneficial for your blog.

#1 Useful For SEO

Quality eternal links help in improving the rank of your website while internal links cannot…! Internal links help your web pages and posts to rank high in search engine. Before going ahead, you need to know that the value of pages on your website in eyes of search engine will be different, so here you need to understand all about authority of page.

Authority of page is strength or value of page which search engines do consider, there are more than 4 factors which play role in effecting page authority.

By passing link from page with high authority you can help page with low authority to increase ranking in search engines.

Now the question arise that how will you know that which page is high ranked or with high page authority to create link for low authority pages.

I want to thank the people who created link checker tools like Semrush and Moz Link Explorer .With the help of above tools will know that which pages have most external links and which pages have more authority.

Create links with aim to benefit your readers rather than only for SEO. Use appropriate anchor text which make sense to reader then using generic text like “click here” and “read more”. Links used above in this article are good examples of anchor text which lead you to relevant details.

#2 Create Link To Expose Your Blog To Reader

While creating links it is much important to consider reader instead of giving importance to high ranking page. Reader is asset to your blog so try to provide quality content. Once reader visits your website, a particular post or page can present useful content but internal links can lead to more relevant and quality stuff.

If you are uploading content on a topic there may be chance of existing post you have already uploaded, so link the new post with old one to connect reader with more information. This way you will succeed to present more stuff to reader.

#3 Helps To Minimize Bounce Rate

Reader retention is one of the big challenges new bloggers face. Sometime bounce rate increases above 80% which reflects that visitors leave page immediately.

There may be several reasons behind this like low quality content, slow website, bad internet connectivity or bad performance on server side. These problems can be overcome accordingly to improve performance but what you can do to retain reader is to create links internally.

As we discussed in above headings that how links can provide good content, at the same time reader spend more time on your page by clicking on internal links. While switching between different pages and reading content on each page results in more time spending.

After having such quality stuff there is possibility of next visit by same reader. Suggestions and referrals can also result in improvement of visits to your website.

Final Words

Internal links are incredibly important for your page. It helps reader to check for relevant topics, it uplifts the page authority and improves reader’s retention. All these are results of a simple and quick task which need no more efforts. It is also very important to know that necessary and relevant links should be created. overcrowded and unnecessary leads will not play role in convincing audience.  

This short article will help you to improve your blog so your feedback matters for my improvement. For more information visit following related articles.

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