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Best Blogging Tips

Best Blogging Tips for Beginners

This simple article is targeting all who are new to blogging, newbies do some common mistakes if don’t know blogging tips, which results in disappointment after working hard and spending much time.

I started blogging five years back I learned many things from mistakes I done which encouraged me to write something interesting about tips need for blogging.

Let me tell you, we learn from failure is real experience. I jumped into blogging without any pre knowledge but it helped me in learning.

I motivated to write this post for my readers because these tips really helped me and this is the post which will help you too to stay on right path from beginning.

The best blogging tips

We found many good ideas to help new bloggers and will explore in details one by one with passage of time so keep visiting this post for benefiting yourself.

  • Write About What You Can Write

Our tip one for you is about your skills.

Sitting on computer and start writing on any topic for a blog is not an easy job. First find your core competencies, rate your skills and knowledge. Then reflect how good you are to tell people the stories about the topic.

Newbies mostly do this mistake of starting blog without enough knowledge. Please DO NOT make this mistake I recommend you must learn and gain enough knowledge and know basic tips to start.

Writing about random topic of great importance but if you have not enough knowledge to write is wastage of time.

  • Give Importance To Reader

Writing for reader is one of important tips for our readers. Blogging tips are not all about technicalities and self-oriented approach.

Don’t spend lot of time in explaining yourself. Your content will define you.

Create a content the reader want to see.

People have only blogs who want to create a content and people have a business behind blogs who create a content a readers want to.

If you have success story then its okay to share BUT share real stories with people and relate with life examples to make readers life easy.

DO NOT tell fake stories readers are enough smart to decide worth of what you are telling. Focus your reader while writing, it will also help newbies to set a path.

  • Choose Best Webhost

Choosing host is one of best tips you can use for good start. Choosing a good host is tricky job.

If you have mind blowing story to tell people, you can write it perfectly but choosing bad host, L will obviously not gives benefit.

We will write a post in future which will help you in choosing best host. For now we will tell you a simple trick to choose good host.

Go to google, search for top ten best hosting companies. You will find a list of hosting companies which offer different packages.

Have a look on storage space, bandwidth and other specification they provide.

Choose host from top five it will really handle huge traffic. Don’t choose host because company offering cheapest, choose which offers best quality.

  • Post On Blog Consistently

Once you start blogging then go on and on. Earning from blog is like a business where you need to increasing number of customers. To attract customers you have to make available products in high demand.

Simply write and post consistently to increase visitors and grow business.

An awesome effect of this practice is improvement in your ideas and it will help you do better next time.

By writing one post your knowledge boosts one post knowledge ahead……!

For more tips and tricks keep visiting us.

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Rehmat Jan is a Web Developer, SEO Expert, Founder of Learn Blogger Tricks . Always ready for new experiences and leanings.

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  1. These are some very useful points for newbies who have just started blogging. To be consistent and sharing meaningful content is a must else readers will lose interest in our blog.

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