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How to minimize website load time?

How to minimize website load time

Many bloggers having blogs on cyber world and billions of internet users visit websites for different purposes. In every month millions of new websites uploaded on internet and the number is increasing day by day, it means number of competitors are increasing with every second. Every day bloggers ask the …

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Simple PHP Calculator


When I was a student of computer science, creating a calculator in PHP was one of interesting tasks I was assigned. One can create a calculator with different logic and segment of code. I am writing this post to help students of college and university to make easy understandable calculator …

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What is an event blog?


This is a frequent question asking in blogger world. Before dig in the detail let’s elaborate some important things. Blogging is spreading and creating a solid place on a cyberspace, it is emerging trend now a days. Long term bloggers write content on a site to attract readers or high …

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Mistakes successful bloggers do NOT do


We are writing this article for blogger who want to become successful bloggers. We have stretched list of successful blogger on internet and they have different heart breaking success stories. Above all what is special about these successful people? There may be different factors behind their success but we will …

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Best Blogging Tips for Beginners

Best Blogging Tips

This simple article is targeting all who are new to blogging, newbies do some common mistakes if don’t know blogging tips, which results in disappointment after working hard and spending much time. I started blogging five years back I learned many things from mistakes I done which encouraged me to …

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How to write SEO friendly blog post


Thousands of blog posts including in cyberspace daily. Most of them not get popularity, attention and good ranking on internet. There are several reasons behind all this but now we will discuss following important parameters which will indeed help you in writing SEO friendly post. Writing skill is backbone of …

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What is a Blog?

There are so many people who want to be a Blogger but they don’t know answer of some questions like what is a Blog? Why do people spent their precious time in this? Don’t you worry you are in right place to know answers of these questions and more questions …

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