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All time best SEO tools
This is the list of all time best SEO tools

All Time Best and Free SEO Tools

Dear readers are you looking for free tools to improve readership and ranking of your site? Indeed, you are in a right place. Here I am going to share some important secrets about top ten free and best SEO tools which are working amazingly. Each and every tool have its own uniqueness and I have prepared the list of best SEO tools. Let’s discuss each in detail.

1. Woorank’s SEO Analysis and Website Review Tool

Woorank shows the positive side of your site, it shows overall SEO score. Secondly you can get idea about how to improve for better results and finally it reflects about the errors you made. The best thing in each of above three sections you will get a detailed checklist to act upon.

It is a simple Google Chrome extension which will show details on a click.

2. SEMRush SEO Tool

SEMRush is one of best SEO tools I have ever used. It has free and paid version but the performance in both modes is superb. You can get enough detail in free version to help your site rank high. The best thing I like about this free tool is that it provides the details of competitor’s keywords rank. One can get detail that who are the nearest competitors in specific keyword ranking.

It has also many more awesome features. It also provides the number of your keyword and their position in ranking.

3. SEObility

This tool crawls all the pages of your site and presents a summary of SEO issues your website facing. The most helpful results I got from SEObility are the details of

Meta specification

Page quality

Page structure

Link structure

Server configuration

External factors

And many more

The best quality of this tool is that it provides results of website as well as each post. SEObility checks ranking of keywords and position of competitors.

You can get accurate result of

SEO Check

Keyword Check

SEO Compare

Ranking Check


Backlink Checker

4. Answer The Public

This is the only tool I have used which converts your keyword into more than 100 keywords. Most of the SEO Tools use the data of Google Keyword Planner but this collects data from questions that asked on forums, social media and blogs.

Many people search for “A Vs B” on Goolge. (For example “football VS cricket or Huawei  VS IPhone”).

This tool has amazing search results for these comparisons.

5. CanIRank

Most of keyword suggestion tools use to tell about how competitive is the keyword, or is the keyword really competitive?

CanIRank has a fantastic feature which tells you that can the work you are using can really able to rank? So it provides in-depth suggestion and guideline to help you rank a keyword and forecast’s the ranking.

6. Free Web Submission

Free Web submission is a best toll to help your website in high ranking. The best task this SEO tool can do for your website is that it tells all the big search engines (Google, Yandex, Bing etc) about your new post submission. Through this way your website will start indexing automatically in all search engines.

In a result search engine starts indexing the post you submitted. You need to submit new post link each time.

7. Pingo Matic

This tool is helpful to tell search engine to check and index your post.

Actually Pingomatic pings search engine to check the link on a post of website which refers to your website.

Through this search engine crawls and index the link either it is dofollow or nofolllow. 

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